Vista desktop operating system will be completely farewell with us


Microsoft Vista的图像结果


国外媒体报道,微软最近在Security Essentials的安全警告中,Windows Vista将迎来“生命终结”,扩展支持意味着官方不再发布任何安全更新,然后成为黑客攻击高风险“ “。

Vista诞生于2007年1月30日,作为XP的替代品。但是可能太乐观估计硬件的能力,Aero视觉效果,64位内存优化,丰富的功能和功能已经成为一个绊脚石,遭受了相当大的影响,最终被Windows 7完全消除。

根据统计机构的三方数据,全球当前Vista保留的用户少于百万,与Win10 /做的相比是一个用武之地。

LG G6 exposure again

Recently, there are Korean media reported that LG G6 will support the waterproof and equipped with wireless charging technology for the first time. This also means that LG is going to give up on the G5 fuselage of modular design.

News that LG G6 will use more advanced waterproof technology. At present, such as Hitachi, henkel and 3 m manufacturers are scrambled for LG provide better adhesive materials.

In terms of the screen, some netizens also revealed that, LG G6 greatly is likely to use 4 k display, and do the upgrade process. And has adopted 9 x optical zoom camera, iPhone 7 Plus but also realized the 2 x optical zoom.

Otherwise, LG in order to enter the mobile payment market has started to develop magnetic safety transmission technology, G6 will pick up the payment function. And the G6 iris recognition technology is with front-facing camera integration, thereby reducing the opening of mobile phone front panel.

The smartphone will debut in a non 2 at the end of next year.

The iPhone 7 again hair burning loss of accident

Apple iPhone 7 damage accident is not only in China, now an Australian women burnt arm, the doctor said the cause of the accident is likely to be the iPhone 7 beside her.

According to the report, Australia a pregnant woman woke up in the morning, found her arm burns. After the hospital, the doctor said burns are caused by foreign object calcination, the cause of the accident is likely to be the iPhone 7 beside her.

Local officials denied a doctor in the apple store, claims the iPhone7 didn’t clear the smell of burning, so accidents can’t be caused by cell phone.

The woman said, then she got a phone call from apple, said the mobile phone check will be sent to California, and is willing to compensate her a new iPhone 7. But she didn’t accept it, because no longer believe that apple’s products.

Microsoft 2016 product launch

After more than a year, Microsoft at a new conference in New York, Microsoft launched new products in the conference.

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This conference, Microsoft has brought a new generation of Windows for you 10:10 Creators Windows Update, the addition of a large number of new features can give users a common experience: the addition of holographic, 3 d, mixed reality, let everybody experience the 3 d and virtual reality, 4 k game to join to make the game players can enjoy a better game experience, at the same time new Windows will be 10 users faster with family, friends and partners. Insider users can through the Microsoft’s official website to download experience from now on, other users need to wait until next spring, to experience the official version of Windows 10 Creators Update.

As for the hardware equipment, conference before high-profile Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book and didn’t get the great leap forward and upgrade, but just made a slight improvement in battery and heat dissipation, performance also due to the update of the CPU to get a degree of ascension, the sincerity.

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Price, the new Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book sells for $899 and $1499 respectively.

The conference only let a person feel surprise should be product Surface launched Studio. Surface Studio continues the series products of Surface family-owned 3:2 format screen, 28 inches, 4500 * 3000 resolution LCD touch screen is very good make up the vacancy of Surface series products is on the desk, Core i7 and NVIDIA graphics CARDS, effective guarantee of the Surface performance of the Studio.

Oculus Touch VR controller is now open book

According to foreign media reports, Facebook’s virtual reality company Oculus Touch motion controller has been open booking, priced at $199.

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Oculus Touch suit will go on sale on December 6. Users can order after spending $199 Oculus Touch suit, including two Touch controller, an additional tracking camera, a VR version of rock and roll band and the other two game.

To have bought through the Oculus independent stores in Rift wearing equipment users, they will get the priority in booking qualification.

Samsung Announces Oct. 28 Launch in Europe

With regions such as the replacement process in the United States more than half, samsung announced on October 28, on sale in the European market this kind of mobile phone.

Samsung official said at the beginning of the release date is set, the final will be based on the Galaxy Note 7 global recall replacement project for further adjustment. This suggests that the company will be completed on a small amount of equipment for replacement of existing European users frame to sell the new Note 7 after meeting.

From a technical perspective, the Galaxy Note 7 originally scheduled for September 2 on sale in Europe, but in the same day the samsung officials announced a global recall of the equipment and stop the sale, only a few consumers received reservation in Europe of the affected equipment. Samsung said already has 57% of the European consumers change Note 7 mobile phones.

Windows Phone from Microsoft’s flagship store shelves

Compared with android and iOS mobile phones, Microsoft’s Windows Phone market share has been very low, the number of application development compared with android and iOS are few and far between.

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For this kind of situation, Microsoft has taken corresponding measures. According to foreign media reports, Microsoft is preparing to complete Windows Phone devices from Microsoft’s flagship store shelves all across the United States. The flagship Store has been high hopes against Apple Apple Store, and Windows Phone was the flagship Store of star products.

So far this year, in order to improve the Windows Phone sales, Microsoft to the company series reduction measures, and even buy one get one free. While Windows Phone disappeared from their flagship store, perhaps officially marks the Windows Phone die in history. Instead of Windows Phone SurfacePhone rumors may be already a long time.

Samsung’s new wearable device is about to mass production

In this year’s CES, samsung innovation laboratory (C – Lab) launched a called “told WELT” smart belt. Samsung recently announced will be officially production told WELT intelligent belt, it will cost only $69.

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Told WELT intelligent belt use and ordinary belt basic same, but it can track the user the change of the waist and to transmit the data to other devices, so that users do not need to hand momentum waist circumference can know body changes. Told WELT intelligent belt also built-in pedometer, but run separately, from cell phone users in the movement of time don’t have to carry heavy exercise the phone statistics itself. Intelligent told WELT belt also has a “sedentary remind” function, to remind the user do not keep the posture for a long period of time to prevent sedentary damage to the body.

Aesthetic told WELT intelligent belt has a variety of shape design, the vast majority of users can buy suits your style of belt. Since be intelligent device, battery life is one of the important factors, according to the official propaganda, told WELT intelligent belt can achieve 20 hours of battery life, so still need a filling in a day.

Samsung Exynos7570 production completed across the chip layout

Samsung electronics announced start production low-end mobile processors Exynos 7570, from the perspective of the official introduction of samsung electronics, the Exynos 7570 chip is 14 nm FinFET process, applicable to the price of the smart phones and the Internet of things devices. Compared to previous generations of 28 nm products, the new chip volume decreased 20%, CPU efficiency increased by 70% and energy efficiency increased by 30%, and can support before 8 million – pixel, 13 million pixels of the camera lens.

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It is reported, Exynos 7570 built-in the 4 LTE 2 ca modems, and support the wi-fi, bluetooth, Global Navigation Satellite System, etc.

As a result, samsung complete from low-end to high-end processor overall layout, prepared with mediatek and qualcomm. But samsung did not say when the Exynos carrying 7570 equipment shipment, may be expected in the third or the fourth quarter of this year.

With Android N LG V20 will be released on September 6th

According to the latest news, LG V20 not IFA conference debut in early September, but will be in San Francisco on September 6th.

At present, LG has been sent out V20 will be released on September 6 in San Francisco media invitation letter, the above “Play More” indicates the machine will have More new style, its support for VR hopes are high, because LG was Google VR platform DayDream partners.

At the same time, combining with the fact, LG V20 identified nougat Android 7.0 operating system software pre-installed.

Other configuration, allegedly LG V20 will also carry Xiao dragon 820 processors, the 5.5 -inch 1080 p resolution display (should also display), built-in 3 gb or 4 gb of memory and 32 gb storage, fuselage with pre – 8 million pixels + rear 8 million cameras combination, with USB Type – C interface, battery capacity is 4000 mah.