Oculus Touch VR controller is now open book

According to foreign media reports, Facebook’s virtual reality company Oculus Touch motion controller has been open booking, priced at $199.

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Oculus Touch suit will go on sale on December 6. Users can order after spending $199 Oculus Touch suit, including two Touch controller, an additional tracking camera, a VR version of rock and roll band and the other two game.

To have bought through the Oculus independent stores in Rift wearing equipment users, they will get the priority in booking qualification.

Samsung Announces Oct. 28 Launch in Europe

With regions such as the replacement process in the United States more than half, samsung announced on October 28, on sale in the European market this kind of mobile phone.

Samsung official said at the beginning of the release date is set, the final will be based on the Galaxy Note 7 global recall replacement project for further adjustment. This suggests that the company will be completed on a small amount of equipment for replacement of existing European users frame to sell the new Note 7 after meeting.

From a technical perspective, the Galaxy Note 7 originally scheduled for September 2 on sale in Europe, but in the same day the samsung officials announced a global recall of the equipment and stop the sale, only a few consumers received reservation in Europe of the affected equipment. Samsung said already has 57% of the European consumers change Note 7 mobile phones.

Windows Phone from Microsoft’s flagship store shelves

Compared with android and iOS mobile phones, Microsoft’s Windows Phone market share has been very low, the number of application development compared with android and iOS are few and far between.

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For this kind of situation, Microsoft has taken corresponding measures. According to foreign media reports, Microsoft is preparing to complete Windows Phone devices from Microsoft’s flagship store shelves all across the United States. The flagship Store has been high hopes against Apple Apple Store, and Windows Phone was the flagship Store of star products.

So far this year, in order to improve the Windows Phone sales, Microsoft to the company series reduction measures, and even buy one get one free. While Windows Phone disappeared from their flagship store, perhaps officially marks the Windows Phone die in history. Instead of Windows Phone SurfacePhone rumors may be already a long time.

Samsung’s new wearable device is about to mass production

In this year’s CES, samsung innovation laboratory (C – Lab) launched a called “told WELT” smart belt. Samsung recently announced will be officially production told WELT intelligent belt, it will cost only $69.

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Told WELT intelligent belt use and ordinary belt basic same, but it can track the user the change of the waist and to transmit the data to other devices, so that users do not need to hand momentum waist circumference can know body changes. Told WELT intelligent belt also built-in pedometer, but run separately, from cell phone users in the movement of time don’t have to carry heavy exercise the phone statistics itself. Intelligent told WELT belt also has a “sedentary remind” function, to remind the user do not keep the posture for a long period of time to prevent sedentary damage to the body.

Aesthetic told WELT intelligent belt has a variety of shape design, the vast majority of users can buy suits your style of belt. Since be intelligent device, battery life is one of the important factors, according to the official propaganda, told WELT intelligent belt can achieve 20 hours of battery life, so still need a filling in a day.

Samsung Exynos7570 production completed across the chip layout

Samsung electronics announced start production low-end mobile processors Exynos 7570, from the perspective of the official introduction of samsung electronics, the Exynos 7570 chip is 14 nm FinFET process, applicable to the price of the smart phones and the Internet of things devices. Compared to previous generations of 28 nm products, the new chip volume decreased 20%, CPU efficiency increased by 70% and energy efficiency increased by 30%, and can support before 8 million – pixel, 13 million pixels of the camera lens.

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It is reported, Exynos 7570 built-in the 4 LTE 2 ca modems, and support the wi-fi, bluetooth, Global Navigation Satellite System, etc.

As a result, samsung complete from low-end to high-end processor overall layout, prepared with mediatek and qualcomm. But samsung did not say when the Exynos carrying 7570 equipment shipment, may be expected in the third or the fourth quarter of this year.

With Android N LG V20 will be released on September 6th

According to the latest news, LG V20 not IFA conference debut in early September, but will be in San Francisco on September 6th.

At present, LG has been sent out V20 will be released on September 6 in San Francisco media invitation letter, the above “Play More” indicates the machine will have More new style, its support for VR hopes are high, because LG was Google VR platform DayDream partners.

At the same time, combining with the fact, LG V20 identified nougat Android 7.0 operating system software pre-installed.

Other configuration, allegedly LG V20 will also carry Xiao dragon 820 processors, the 5.5 -inch 1080 p resolution display (should also display), built-in 3 gb or 4 gb of memory and 32 gb storage, fuselage with pre – 8 million pixels + rear 8 million cameras combination, with USB Type – C interface, battery capacity is 4000 mah.

Push NVIDIA Quadro graphics card series

NVIDIA has released a new video card P5000 Quadro workstation and P6000, both has the performance of the grade is enough to make the game graphics CARDS in the shade.

NVIDIA claimed that P6000 is currently the world’s fastest graphics card, which is with good reason. How much it has 3840 processing core, a lot more than a Titan X (3584), memory is more than twice, reached a staggering 24 gb. P5000 performance and GTX 1080, close to “only” 2560 processing core, the 16 gb of memory is a times more than in 1080. For day-to-day needs to deal with a large number of people in the 3 d data, the two graphics is definitely worth considering.

However, P5000 and P6000 real highlight more on software. Two graphics suite available new VRWorks 360 Video developers, to help in the content of virtual reality. They can capture, joining together and live from up to 32 camera real-time content, it also makes it very suitable for recording VR concert.

NVIDIA said, two graphics CARDS will be listed in October this year, but the price has not yet been determined. But obviously, the price will not go, lower especially considering the Titan X as much as $1200. But then again, ordinary users is not necessary to buy them.

AnTuTu showed the Samsung Note 7 configuration

AnTuTu newly exposed a group of Samsung in the second half of the flagship Galaxy Note7 configuration, the odd thing is that it does not use Internet Snapdragon 821, is still Snapdragons 820.

The Samsung will be released in August, official Samsung Galaxy Note7, so that I can catch before apple’s new iPhone in September to grab market share. The Galaxy Note7 still should have a higher version configuration, otherwise how can say when the second half of the Samsung machine emperor’s name?

The Note this time series may be big change, at least as S7 will certainly have waterproof, guess will also add iris identification, is worth looking forward to.

Wondershare MobileGo for Android Review

MobileGo from Wondershare is range of a couple of products. The initial, the MobileGo app for android mobile phone, is the appliance cleaning and promoting app along with group related with properties in order to help speed up and boost your own mobile phone’ performance. The next is your companion app about computer who offers the slew concerning qualities also power tools regarding controlling their Android gadget.


People can easily make use of one free of cost MobileGo Android app just as a stand-alone product or service in case a person really want. This item comprises excellent application management and also gadget optimization equipment, and also segment concentrated to help problem solving your body difficulties one may perhaps face.

That app manager helps a person that you can find out how much space every single app is truly eating up plus individually or even mass uninstall all. The optimization tools can easily offer memory boost merely cleaning history procedures also taking off any sort of rubbish documents also caches regarding are unnecessary also producing slowdown. One’s constantly suspicious concerning why well these programs function because lots of back ground operations straight away get started operating yet again soon after the particular scan has actually ended, also it’ simply the same by MobileGo.

There’ in addition the home display widget that will offers easy access at the particular memory increasing feature by using swipe and rapid – accessibility page concerning toggles serving entry in your gadget’ options and qualities such as camera as well as torch which can certainly be slid inside from the right. The device replicates lots of the configurations revealed inside the actual notification compartment, but there are several extra supplies over there.

The actual mobile Pros? area, showcasing google android FAQs as well as trouble shooting trips, are helpful if perhaps your concern has-been talked about by another MobileGo consumers. There are usually each amount of product special topics and also recommended solutions, but I kept neglecting this specific segment had been existing as well as defaulted in order to searching web. Based at your very own experiences, someone might possibly find several important guides inside there.

In the MobileGo app, a person may as well coordinate your files, find places where the vast majority associated with your storage without a doubt is being taken plus selectively remove picture, video and additionally music documents. Specific neat attribute concerning MobileGo is quite their potential to discover the same looking pics inside your library, simply making it possible for one to be able to recognize files it might end up being removed in order to keep space.

So far as UI proceeds, it’ pain-free enough in order to discover. There are definitely several properties invisible at a distance as part of the settings, just through simple research then you抣l obtain MobileGo figured out.

MobileGo goes above just simply an equipment optmization and also multimedia administration application though. The actual app expands to help the desktop together with a Microsoft windows app which offers additional instruments for ones google android device. On the desktop, you may back-up or alternatively restore your very own device, control every multimedia and additionally apps, shift details regarding cell phones, also a lot more.

If wanting to receive any and all of MobileGo’ specifications on the desktop, you shall without a doubt have to be comfortable permitting USB debugging on the wanted device. As soon as prepared, connecting is truly commonly reached across USB or Wi-Fi (with an on-screen QR code for easy pairing).

The managing tools within MobileGo concerning the particular desktop tend to be extensive. It’s fantastic having a power tool that is actually effective to manage almost everything via applications to contacts to media as well as backing up and additionally restoring. Concerning tracks, MobileGo plays good with iTunes in the instance that’ critical for your needs and additionally backing up is actually quickly carried out by using one click. A person can easily also send out SMS messages by means of their computer whenever ones cell phone is involved and also reflect ones own phone’ display screen on your laptop or even desktop computer machine.

Crucial for many is the means in order to root your equipment. Rooting works with its possess number of experts and disadvantages, nevertheless MobileGo can root your product for everyone in an effortless processes that also demands merely a single click.

MobileGo’ desktop application performs perfectly adequate as well as is efficient. We solely encountered a couple of bugs and hiccups throughout examining but just like the mobile phone app, the little bit exploration goes further. MobileGo supports many handsets starting all the principal OEMs but when you are uncertain if yours is on the record, an individual could find out right here.

An important drawback to using MobileGo on the desktop is the required Wondershare Passport account. Consumers can sign-up for one with their e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ recommendations also start using it over Wondershare’ equipment, however doing this will most likely not be for every person.